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Greetings, pious ones.
  • Weimingtang, also known as the Rabbit God Temple, is now accepting donations with encrypted currencies.
    In 2007, the temple was established by Master Lu, a Taoist priest, who gives teachings of Taoism and has helped many people over the past decade who have felt lost in their lives.
    We mainly support the LGBTQ community and Weimingtang offers a serene area for the worshipers to come pray, the lovelorn to rest, and the injured to recover.
    Those with humble devotions are always being deeply blessed. That is what we often realised from the wounded ones who regain their smiles in the temple.
    We sincerely invite all of you to join us. Each patronage will strengthen us to aid more people and make the world more beautiful.
    Nowadays, you are more than welcome to collect our well-designed NFT at
    or donate directly to
  • Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 Tokens
    May the Gods bless you all.
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  • 威明堂連絡專線
    開放時間平日 PM 1:30 - PM 9:00
    ※ 每逢周二公休一日
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